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How awesome has this rain been??
As much as we love the rain and need the rain some people haven’t been that lucky and have damaged their cars by trying to cross flooded roads. Even 4×4’s have wading depths and can’t take on raging waters.

Be Safe On The Roads and Rather Find An Alternate Route Than Attempt To Drive Through Flooded Roads.
Wiper Blades


Road Safety Tips For Driving In Wet Weather Conditions As Per The Automobile Association Of South Africa:
1. Clean windows on both sides – if you can’t see you increase your risks. Wipers are critical – Ensure your wiper blades are in good condition.
2. Turn On Your Vehicles Headlights – don’t forget to turn them off again when parking to avoid having a flat battery.
3. Don’t Speed – Driving too fast for road conditions or following too closely are one of the main causes of accidents in wet weather.
4. Keep a safe following distance – AA recommends a 6 to 8-second gap and even more in wet conditions
‎5. Avoid abrupt acceleration, braking & steering movement. Sudden stops & turns can cause skidding.
6. Allow extra distance for braking. Vehicles need more distance to stop on wet roads.
7. Do Not drive through flooded areas unless you are sure that the water is below the bottom of the rims. 8.If you have any doubt, don’t drive through a pool of water, rather find an alternative route
‎9. If you have to drive through high water, drive slowly in a low gear, holding the steering wheel steady.
10. After driving in heavy rain for some time without applying the brakes, or if you drive through standing water, lightly apply the brakes to dry them.
Make sure your vehicle is in roadworthy condition, check your tyres and wiper blades; make sure your brakes are in good condition and that all your lights and indicators are working. If you do breakdown, make sure your vehicle is visible by switching on your hazard lights and pull completely off the road. Travel safely.
Water Damage To Engine
This is what can happen when you drive through water. Water is sucked into the air filter on top of the pistons and causes extensive damage to internal working parts and bends the conrods

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