October News – Annual Year End Service Reminder

                                    “It Has Been My Observation That Most People Get Ahead During The Time That Others Waste”
                                                                                             Henry Ford –  Quote
Did you know that in just over 60 Days, we would have said Farewell to 2016 whilst welcoming in 2017, maybe even preparing for back to work and ending holidays.

Well now that we have that bit of doom and gloom out the way, why don’t you book your car in for a service before the mad rush hits you, so you can just put on your sunglasses, grab the sun block and head off on holiday, knowing your car is serviced and ready for the trip. OK, pack the kids and clothes and snacks and everything else before rushing off.

We all hoping for rain and before you get caught in a rainstorm, check your wiper blades

Air Conditioning
Get your vehicle air con system re-gassed before heading on holiday. Don’t let a hot stuffy car get you all frazzled whilst traveling to your holiday destination.

Never have your air con re-gassed on the side of the road. Not only for your own safety but also because they use refrigeration gas. Refrigeration gas is much cheaper, which is why re-gassing on the side of the road is far cheaper than at a reputable workshop. However, refrigeration gas cannot be used in a car air con system and it will damage your compressor.
Book Your Aircon Re-gassing Today – Don’t Let An Empty Air Conditioning System Leave You Hot & Flustered

Wishing All Our Hindu Clients A Happy Diwali
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Wishing you many safe miles…
Mark & Team